Policy Council

The Policy Council includes current and past parents/guardians of children in our program. Policy Council members are encouraged to be active volunteers in their centers. They act as liaisons between the center and the Policy Council. They serve on program planning committees. They help with self-assessment and conduct an annual parent satisfaction survey.

Policy Council reviews & approves:

  • Annual budget and revisions
  • Program policy
  • Grants applications
  • Service areas
  • Employee hiring/firing
  • Other business

Fast Facts

  • The Policy Council usually videoconferences one Thursday evening a month. Officers meet monthly with the Assistant Superintendent.
  • Representatives and alternates are elected at their centers in September to October.
  • The term of office is one year.
  • At least 51% of the membership must be current parents/guardians of students in our program.
  • Policy Council can elect into membership former program parents/guardians who were Policy Council members within the last three program years. These members will be the past parent representatives.
  • Policy Council can elect into membership interested professionals who work in programs that serve low-income families with young children. These members will be the community representatives.
  • Members cannot be program staff or substitutes. Members cannot be related directly or through marriage to current employees and/or to program substitutes who work 10 hours or more a week.
  • Members must attend the meetings. Absences are limited per Policy Council By-Laws.
  • Low-income members may receive child care reimbursement and mileage to attend meetings.

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Policy Council Facts

Policy Council By-Laws